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Grundsteuerreform Illegal: Why is it a Concern in Germany? In 2023, the issue of Grundsteuerreform illegal has become a hot topic in Germany. This is due to the upcoming changes in the country’s property tax system, which have been met with controversy and legal challenges. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind this issue and what it means for property owners in Germany. The Basics of Property Tax in Germany

What is Grundsteuer?

Grundsteuer is a property tax that is levied on all real estate in Germany. This tax is used to fund local public services, such as road maintenance and waste removal. The amount of Grundsteuer a property owner pays is based on the value of their property and the applicable tax rate.

Why is Grundsteuerreform Necessary?

The current system for calculating Grundsteuer has been in place since the 1960s and has been deemed outdated and unfair. To address these issues, the German government passed a new law in 2019 that would reform the property tax system. The new system is based on a property’s actual market value, rather than its estimated rental value. This would make the tax more accurate and equitable.

What are the Concerns with the New System?

Many property owners, particularly in cities with high property values, are concerned that the new system will result in significantly higher tax bills. They argue that the new system does not take into account the fact that a property’s value may increase due to external factors, such as gentrification, rather than improvements made by the owner.

What Legal Challenges have Arisen?

Several German states have challenged the new law, arguing that it is unconstitutional. They argue that the law violates the principle of equal treatment, as it would result in different tax rates for similar properties in different parts of the country. The issue is currently being reviewed by the German Constitutional Court, with a decision expected in 2023. In conclusion, the issue of Grundsteuerreform illegal is a complex one that has divided property owners and legal experts in Germany. While the reform is necessary to modernize the country’s property tax system, concerns about its fairness and legality have led to legal challenges. As the issue continues to be debated, property owners should stay informed about any changes that may affect their tax obligations.

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